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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your patience, as my website is now under construction. You can contact me via email at info@consuelo.co, or by phone at (206) 992-8055.


Radio Show: If you’re interested in my weekly radio show, Consuelo, which airs every Friday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Pacific, there are four ways to listen:


Editorial Services: If you’re interested in my editorial services, I offer a free consultation, which includes a two-page sample edit. And feel free to check out my Eight Common Editing Questions in this printable PDF format. My first-pass manuscript edits include the following:

  • industry-standard formatting
  • a full copy edit
  • a full content/developmental edit
  • creating a complete Table of Contents
  • implementing a startup copyright page
  • implementing the appropriate areas for a Display Quote, Dedication, Acknowledgments section, sample Disclaimer (if needed), as well as an About The Author section
  • a multi-page Comment Sheet containing any additional information regarding the edit


Counseling Services: If you’re interested in my counseling services, you can also contact me for a free consultation. I offer counseling and support in the following areas:

  • addiction and codependency
  • cognitive re-patterning (changing the way we think)
  • behavior modification (changing the way we act)
  • emotional awareness (pausing to process/digest our feelings before acting upon them)
  • natural and holistic healing
  • technology consciousness
  • dream interpretation
  • ceremonial treatments
  • conscious parenting and stepparenting
  • spiritual housecleaning (release work)
  • the path to “knowing thyself” and why the journey inward is such a vital one
  • (meditation practices, past-life regression, Gnosticism, heightening one’s clairvoyance, the connection between Eastern mysticism and modern-day quantum physics, etc.)


Thanks everyone, and have a miraculous day! New website coming soon!


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